Shabby Chic Set up by Palazzo Arnieci

Palazzo Arnieci is the perfect venue to live your dream wedding. The natural surrounding will make unique and memorable your day. The entire venue will be really yours for one day since we give you the opportunity to choose the set up and all the decorations. We have a professional team ready to help you satisfy your desires.

Set Up

Your Wedding day is your own day when everything has to be impeccable and just as you like it. At Palazzo Arnieci, we love to support our guests making their wedding day the most special. We listen to your ideas in order to offer you the best set up, decorations of the spaces and so forth.

An example

In this picture, you can see some details of our shabby chic set up: the atmosphere is vintage but still romantic.

Old white frames adorn our ancient oak tree playing on different levels. Here we positioned the final cake and we framed the couple with long white curtains.
Finally, you can see how the sunset made this moment more romantic.