Charming Wedding Set up by Palazzo Arnieci


The white colour has been always a symbol of purity and peace. Looking at a bright white dress or being in a white room give us a quiet feeling.
At Palazzo Arnieci, we use the white colour in the inside spaces, particularly in the main dining room; but also on the outside façade. You can clearly see the bright building framed by the blue sky, like a painting you can enter.

Total white

This set up is purely elegant. The best set up for occasions such a fine wedding. Of course, we can discuss with our guests how to personalize their own day at Palazzo Arnieci. In this particular picture, you can see one of our latest wedding set up focused on the orchid. A kind of flower meaning charm, grace, harmony and beauty. In addition, the orchid has been used through the years as a gift to thank someone for loving them.

Set Up

Finally, we have been particularly careful to the centerpieces. They were made of candles floating on the water and mirroring glasses givin winter you particular light effects.
The result was a magic whiteness.