Romantic Wedding Set up by Palazzo Arnieci


Romanticism is considered as the main element for a long love story. It consists of little thoughts for our partner at any time or age to make a relationship special. In addition, Romanticism is a way of facing what surround us with grace and kindness. Many brides prefer the romantic style because it reminds them of a royal occasion where they can become princesses living a dream for a day.


Palazzo Arnieci is the perfect location to live your dream. In the heart of Apulia, surrounded by nature, we pay attention to any detail to make each occasion special and memorable. We love to satisfy our guests expressing their desires and their styles.

Set Up

In the case of this romantic set up, all the decorations are the finest. The main flower that we used was the delicate “Gypsophilia”, commonly known as mist. This is a very delicate flower but versatile. In the picture, you can see how we made the Gypsophilia rounded giving it a cloud shape. Then, we positioned it behind the couple to enclose them in a romantic magic frame.